To ensure that the CEDS remains active and relevant document, the CEDS Committee will review, monitor, and evaluate the plan bi-annually. NCPDD will be responsible for contacting CEDS Committee members and organizing a bi-annual meeting.

In preparation for the biannual review, NCPDD will advertise the meeting date and time, encouraging public participation.

The CEDS Committee, with input from the public and others, will review the goals of the CEDS to determine their relevance to changing situations in the region, as well as changes in local, state or federal policy.

The parties responsible for the various implementation actions will report on the status of their projects and will include which implementation processes worked well, any difficulties encountered, how coordination efforts were proceeding, and which strategies should be revised.

The CEDS Committee has developed an Evaluation Form to guide the process. The form,below, will be completed and submitted to NCPDD for submission to EDA.

CEDS Evaluation and Monitoring Tool

The Evaluation Form will be submitted to EDA in July and January of each year, covering the periods from January 1st – June 30th and July 1st – 
December 31st.